Burt Lancaster Gyotaku Fish Art

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Burt Lancaster gyotaku artistBurt Lancaster
Meet the artist behind the fish rubbings.

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Lancaster Studio sells Original and Giclee gyotaku artwork. If you’re looking for something more unique, then visit out Custom Gallery.

Rainbow Trout gyotaku

Rainbow Trout
Giclee Print
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Queen Snapper gyotaku

Queen Snapper
Giclee Print
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Off Shore Slam gyotaku

Off Shore Slam
Giclee Print
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Gyotaku: What is it?

Gyotaku: What is It?
Gyotaku is the Japanese art of making fish prints on delicate rice paper. This artform reproduces the exact features and characteristics of actual, individual fish. In Japanese, "gyo" translates to "fish" and "taku" translates to "stone rubbing."

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